Tips to Fly By By Richard L. Collins

Tips to Fly By

By Richard L. Collins

  • Release Date: 2015-11-17
  • Genre: Transportation

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Pilot-in-command experience—thousands of hours at the controls of virtually all types of light aircraft in all flight conditions—is the main ingredient of this book by veteran pilot Richard Collins. He takes you to some of the tight spots in advance and lets you think them through ahead of time. Old hands can compare and add to their own experience; those new to the game can avoid some surprises.

Tips to Fly By offers techniques, performance tips and rules of thumb—for example:

• How to devise a tailor-made preflight checklist for your machine, your flight, and yourself.

• When to change altitude for optimum fuel management; effects of loading on performance.

• What to watch for when flying low and slow; stall/spin avoidance.

• How to move up to higher-performance single- and twin-engine aircraft.

• Why night flying is really IFR flying.

• When, why, and how to practice flying skills; obvious reasons often ignored.

…and much more, including the finer points of flying that make the most of your airplane and make you a better, safer pilot.