Drawing on Tablets and Smartphones By Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon

Drawing on Tablets and Smartphones

By Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon

  • Release Date: 2014-04-11
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

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With the worldwide success of digital tablets and smartphones, with hundreds of popular painting applications, drawing and painting on a mobile device today becomes easy and fully enjoying. 

But if you have never tried to make a landscape drawing outdoor, spending long hours to struggle with the new painting tool, you cannot imagine the technical difficulties encountered with unprepared sessions and un-mastered digital tools. 

Besides showing the basic principles of drawing and painting, this book also deeply explains how a digital tablet or smartphone works. What technical specifications are important for painting practice. What precautions must be taken to avoid application or device freeze or crash during a painting session. You will also learn how to choose a suitable painting application for your daily practice. 

The subject of this book is new and trending. Painting on mobile devices will be more and more popular with devices becoming more powerful every day, with the continuous introduction of new graphical technologies. 


- Survival kit for digital painting. The absolute necessary set. Tools to use for more comfort. 
- Drawing your first stroke 
- What to observe for drawing accurately 
- How to draw in 3 dimensions 
- Light and shadows. 
- How to shade with hatching and crosshatching Hatching traditionally. Digital hatching. 
- Drawing in perspective 
- Understanding perspective with geometry 
- Drawing small familiar objects 
- The art of sketching 
- How the brush effects work 
- Blending layers together 
- The styluses